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Paging all orthopedists and neurologists, I'm available

Paging all orthopedists and neurologists, I’m available

When I first started my undergraduate journey at Ohio State, I was enrolled in a Psychology course that gave us the opportunity to participate in research studies instead of writing papers. Obviously, I jumped at the opportunity. I hadn’t considered participating in a research study before, but it turned out to be a really fun […]

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The other side of the table

For more than 20 years, I had been overseeing clinical trials and had enrolled hundreds of patients into research studies. However, I had never personally participated in a trial myself to see how it felt to be a study participant.

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Couple with Doctor

Welcome to Study Notes!

Study Notes is a blog written by scientists, research study coordinators, and experienced research study participants designed to inform those who are considering volunteering as a participant in a clinical research study. This blog provides an inside look into the clinical research study experience and helps to inform potential volunteers about what to expect, how […]

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Registry matches patients, scientists

Registry matches patients, scientists

I recently joined ResearchMatch, an Internet-based registry for people interested in participating in medical research studies.

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John Barnard, MD

Dr. John Barnard shares his stories and insight with Study Notes as an experienced clinical researcher. Dr. Barnard is president of the Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, and has been conducting clinical research studies for more than 30 years.

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Brenna Bookless

Brenna Bookless is a high school student and is active in the student ambassador program as well as softball and choir. In her spare time, Brenna plays piano and guitar and enjoys running 5Ks for charity including the Strides for Hope Ovarian Cancer Alliance 5K and the Cat Welfare 5K. Brenna has participated in multiple […]

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It sounds like a good match

I recently signed up for a research study at Ohio State that I am eligible for, that interests me and that my schedule can accommodate. So I’m officially a participant enrolled in “Effects of sesame oil supplementation on cardiovascular risk factors in obese and non-obese otherwise healthy subjects.” Thankfully, I qualify as an “otherwise healthy […]

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