Too busy? Try a survey.

Since signing up for ResearchMatch, I have received many emails about participating in research studies. Some have requested I participate in person, and others have just wanted to ask me some questions online.

survey question

Surveys are a really simple way to be part of the answer to better health care.

Most of the email requests I received came during my last semester at Ohio State, just before graduation. Since job hunting and keeping my grades up were my first priority, I was not able to participate in many research studies. There were other instances where I was not qualified to participate in a study, but I was still receiving emails for them. That reminded me to update my ResearchMatch profile to make sure it’s as specific as possible.

Although I was busy, I was able to find a way to contribute to the research mission of improving the science and data that will lead to discoveries health care that could save lives. The solution? I found an online survey to participate in that asked me about my views of nature. How easy is that? Add in the possibility of winning an iTunes card when my answers were received, and it was a no-brainer for me, I was ready to enroll.

It was a long survey and it challenged me to think about nature, something I don’t often do, and how it impacts my life. I guess I’m a city girl at heart, but if it can help to advance health care and medicine, I’m all for it.

Online surveys are easy to take and really simple, even if the topic isn’t exciting. Once you accept the invitation to take the survey on ResearchMatch, you receive periodic emails reminding you to take or finish the survey in case you started it but never finished. It’s also nice to know you have the flexibility to do partake in a study on your own time.

Outside of ResearchMatch, I participated in a friend’s audiology study for her undergraduate senior thesis. I spent about an hour trying to decipher what a man or woman was saying with loud background noise and many random voices speaking at once. Apparently, I have better hearing in my right ear than my left, so I learned something about myself.

There are always people looking for participants in studies, so remember to ask family and friends! I encourage everyone to find fun and interesting research studies to participate in as we wait for the warmer months to get here.

Now that spring has arrived, maybe you’ll be more inclined to participate!

If you are interested in participating in a research study of any type, call the HERO line at 614-293-HERO for more information and register with ResearchMatch today!

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