(Don’t) Let it go, update your ResearchMatch profile

Simply updating your ResearchMatch profile can help increase your matches with research studies

Simply updating your ResearchMatch profile can help increase your matches with research studies

Things have been quite busy for me since my last post. I graduated from The Ohio State University, started a new career, and have been busy getting my post-college life situated.

Once the dust settled a little, I had a moment to think about the past couple of years and how they led me to where I am today … and then it hit me! It has been a really long time since I last participated in a research study.

As the months went by and I started receiving fewer opportunities to participate in a study, I decided to log into ResearchMatch to see what I could do. As it turns out, my profile was in desperate need of an update.

ResearchMatch has updated its website to enhance the user’s experience. It is easy to navigate and now easier that ever to update your profile. When I logged into my account and looked at my current profile, I realized that I had barely added any information about the medications I am taking. It’s no wonder that I wasn’t hearing anything!

Do you take pain medication for the occasional headache? Do you suffer from seasonal allergies and rely on allergy pills to make it through the Spring weather? Did you stock up on antacids when your local supermarket went out of business? (I did!)

To improve your chances of fitting into the criteria for a research study, it always helps to add everything (within your comfort level of course) to your profile. To be honest, I was surprised at the number of options that were available for me to improve my profile.

As you provide more information, you will notice an increase in the number of opportunities that will become available to you, which of course are always emailed to you without anyone seeing your personal information. After updating my profile, I received seven emails for research opportunities!

I am excited to see what new opportunities are sent my way and how I will be able to continue contributing to the future of science and medicine, and ultimately better health care for all of us.

Lauren Sheridan guest blogger and study participant

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