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It’s a wrap

Quick recap: I enrolled in a 12-week study to test whether sesame oil could reduce risks for cardiovascular problems. I got off to a rocky start at my first visit because I was dehydrated and I couldn’t produce enough blood for the samples needed. So I restarted a few days later, but I had earned a […]

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Helping communities through research

Researchers give significant thought to the concerns of the people they are trying to recruit to participate in their studies. These are people with busy lives – jobs, families, hobbies, other volunteer opportunities, possibly health concerns. So there are many things that compete with a participant’s time, and the scientists who develop their studies take […]

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Study midpoint

This study, testing whether sesame oil can improve cardiovascular health, is 12 weeks long. My visits were scheduled every three weeks. But the first was just a quick drop-in to pick up a new supply of oil.

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